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Many patients wonder what kind of results they will have once they change their teeth or their entire smiles. This can create a bit of anxiety. Although the doctors cannot guarantee the results will be exactly how you envision your new dental treatment, they try very hard to please you. And, they always give you the final vote in cementing a permanent restoration.


Some of the photos below may help you grasp the talents of the doctors and put your mind at ease. You are in good hands with highly trained dentists who work with exceptional dental labs to create predictable and artistic results.

Bridge Before Bridge After
Bill Brenton Before Bridge

Bill Brenton Bridge After

Porcelain Crowns Before Porcelain Crowns After
Karen McLendon Crowns Before Karen McLendon Crowns After
Single Porcelain Crown Before Single Porcelain Crown After
Heather Keenan Crown Before Heather Keenan After Crown
Fluorosis Staining Before Chairside Veneers After Chairside Veneers Removing Staining
Shay before fluorosis staining Shay Post Flurosis Staining with Chairside Veneers
Older Resin Fillings that Stained or Decayed Newly Placed Resin Fillings
Old Resins New Resins
Missing Tooth in Back of Mouth (Implant In Place) Implant Restored Crown (over Implant)
Missing Tooth onEverett Zimmerlee Post Implant Retained Crown
Before Whitening After Whitening