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By contactus
November 03, 2011
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If your household is like mine the week after Halloween, you have way too much extra candy lying around. We have the over bought candy from trick-or-treating and the masses of candy gathered from the actual trick-or-treating event. So, the question becomes what do we do with all of this candy? From a dentist's standpoint, I can offer you a few pieces of advice:

1) Monitor how much candy your child is consuming and set limits as to how much can be consumed per day.(Watch out--kids are great at hiding and hoarding their precious candy).

2)Let your child eat the candy right after a meal, such as lunch or dinner, when their pH (acid levels) in his or her mouth is already at a lower level. 

3)Avoid candy before bedtime

4)Ensure brushing and flossing is taking place nightly before bedtime

5)Slowly remove the candy from your household

6)In my house, we allow our kids to pick out ten pieces of their favorite candy and then we abandon the rest over time.

Hope this helps you out!

Lisa Knowles, DDS