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By contactus
July 10, 2012
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When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

This Buddhist proverb sinks in deeply for me today. It relates to a personal interaction with one of my patients who I consider a well seasoned writer and friend. For quite awhile I have not made a lot of time for writing--a passion I put aside while launching a dental office, nurturing two children, listening (most of the time) to my spouse, and trying to keep my body healthy and in shape. Thus, the writing gig has been hidden away for another day when I "have more time." But, apparently, the stars aligned and my teacher appeared recently. It turns out he is one of my patients, and he offered me his writer's book that contains every writer's essential guide to publishing his or her works. He also offered to meet with me to offer writing tips. I jumped at the opportunity. I blocked off my schedule. I passed on lunch with my own Mother, and for one hour of my life, I just listened to his story, and cringed with his adivce on my not perfectly edited web site. Writing is not easy. It takes effort to just do it, and then it takes even more effort to re-write it. And, then it takes more time to take advice from someone and re-write it again.

But, writing for me is a creative outlet to a very small ,detailed world that dentistry often confines me to. Do not get me wrong: I love dentistry. I truly love my "tools', the feeing of creating within someone's mouth, and interacting with some of the most fascinating people. But, writing is personal. It is a time for myself, and is a great stress reliever. It is something I should do more. It reminded me that taking the time to do something for yourself is important, and leads to less stress in a possibly stressful world. Since writing more--even blogging on my website--I find I am more relaxed. So, if you are perplexed with TMJ problems, teeth grinding, stomach issues, migraines or headaches, high blood pressure, and want to try something that does not require taking a pill, I would recommend writing. Or, do something for yourself if writing is not your interest. I hope that your "teacher" will appear in your life when you need it, and more so, I hope that you take the time to recognize it when he or she does appear.

Submitted by Lisa Knowles, DDS