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Renee L.I. Owen, DDS Top 10 Cavity Causers for Kids

1. Fruit Snacks

2. An overabundance of fruit juice throughout the day

3. Lack of brushing and flossing before bedtime: Parents must monitor night time brushing and flossing each night until your child develops the dexterity to do this him or herself. Our goal here is to make this a lifelong habit for your child. (Our hygienists are also great teachers and will help you judge when your child is doing this well).

4. Pop drinking under the age of 5

5. Chewy candies like gummi bears

6. Choosing chocolate milk for your child on a regular basis instead of white milk

7. Sweet bedtime snacks such as cookies, ice-cream or cakes

8. Not long enough or not pushing enough brushing and flossing techniques--parents may think their child can acheive good plaque removal at too early of an age.

9. Sour candies

10. Too many flavored beverages like sports drinks, flavored waters, Kool Aid, lemonade, etc.